Do you have what it takes to face the dread perils of Castle Greyhawk? Are you man enough to endure brutal obstacles, treacherous traps and unwholesome adversaries? Do you have a team of like minded Freebooters ready to seek glory in the Maze of Zagyg? If so, then join our weekly excursions into the most notorious dungeon of all time!

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Castle of the Mad Archmage (CotMA) is my take on Greyhawk City and the legendary dungeons beneath the nearby ruins of Castle Greyhawk (as originally envisioned by Gary Gygax and reinterpreted by Joseph Bloch).

Adventures will revolve around expeditions into the Castle Greyhawk Mega-dungeon, and occasional adventures in Greyhawk City or its immediate environs as a diversion.

  • System: Labyrinth Lord Core with House Rules
  • Genre: Mega-dungeon, Dark Urban Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Grim Fairy Tales
  • Inspiration: World of Greyhawk, Thieves World, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (Lankhmar)
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Zereth listened a moment at the entryway and then threw the great door shut.

“Hear anything?” asked Boinger.

“Yes, still behind us, whatever it is.” He sat on the stone. “Why do we go through this?” he asked. “Is it greed or glory?”

“Some sages say we have a need to find death," suggested Boinger.

“Sometimes,” said the elf, “I think that the gods do drive us for their own amusement.”

— The Maze of Peril (1986) by J. Eric Holmes

CotMA: Castle of the Mad Archmage

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