Domain of Greyhawk

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The Domain is geographically a small land, with less than 60 square miles of territory. The traditional boundaries are the Nyr Dyv in the north, Wooly Bay in the south, the Gnarley Forest in the west, and the Plain of Urnst in the east.

Greyhawk City and its immediate surroundings are under the control of the Count of Greyhawk, a member of the Oligarchs and the highest ranking noble in land. There are also two baronies: Selintan in the north and Amian in the south. Each barony is further divided into 4 provinces: Halverine, Kilma, Olmarr, and Stythe. Finally the northern peninsula has been designated the Shire of Maven (Mavenshire).

Each Baron appoints Baronets to rule each province, who in turn appoint a descending hierarchic of Counts, Marquises, Sheriffs, and Reeves.

Geographic Features: The Domain is a near equal mix of temperate grasslands, forests, and hills. The most important features are:

Abbor-Alz — An arid region of granite hills and small mountains, once home to dwarfs now infested with evil humanoids

Bright Desert — A vast unexplored wasteland home to primitive tribesmen and monsters

Cairn Hills — A range of rugged highlands inhabited by gnomes and halflings; named for the many per-historic tombs and burial mounds found there

Gnarley Forest — A deep primordial forest that is largely avoided by mankind

Grey Plains

Mistmarsh — A great fetid mire teeming with creatures both malevolent and benign

Nyr Dyv — A deep freshwater lake or sea vital to commerce in the Marklands

Selintan River — A wide and fast moving river that connects the Nyr Dyv to Wooly Bay

Wooly Bay — Western arm of the Sea of Gearnat and gateway to the southern sphere

Beyond the Domain: The Domain is bordered by human and demi-human nations, independent city-states, and lawless wilderness regions. The greater region is commonly called the Marklands.

Faerie Kingdom of Celene — A hostile enclave of elves hidden somewhere in the depths of the Gnarley Forest

Kingdom of Furyondy — A rival kingdom northwest of the Domain, Furyondy was once the preeminent power in the Marklands until it was eclipsed by Greyhawk

Independent City of Hardby — Once the Domain’s southern port, the maligned people of Hardby rebelled after the disappearance of Zagyg

Clanhome Koorzun — A dwarf-hold in the Abbor-Alz, it is ruled by the ambitious and inhospitable Regent of Mines

Holy Realm of the Shield Lands — A confederacy of oppressive religious states protected by fanatical knights

Disputed Kingdom of Urnst — A failed state, wracked by endless civil war

The Wild Coast — A sparsely settled coastal wilderness; only savagery and misery are to be found here

Domain of Greyhawk

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