Greyhawk City


Greyhawk City: Also known as the Free City of Greyhawk, the City of the Hawk, the Grey City, the City of Thieves, Greyhawk the Wicked, and the Gem/Cesspit of the Flanaess. A bustling port city upon the banks of the Selintan River, not far from the Lake of Unknown Depths ([Nyr Dyv]). The surrounding fiefs are known simply as the Domain of Greyhawk.

The city is a trade center, with thriving shipping, meat-packing, textile, and mining industries. As its moniker suggests, the city is rife with illegal industries as well.

Greyhawk has a reputation as a run-down, corrupt and dangerous city of injustice, vice, and depravity.

Greyhawk’s feudal monarchs were deposed in a bloody coup about 2 centuries ago, and since then it has been ruled by a semi-secret council of guild masters, shipping magnates, mercenary captains, and underworld kingpins.

The so-called Oligarchs are staunchly neutral in outlook, caring only for their own economic benefit. Elizar Perryn is the current Lord Mayor, who acts as speaker for the group.

The city is divided into 2 sections (those within the old walls, and those without), and 11 of districts:

The Asylum — A demi-human controlled ghetto

The Bottoms — A home for Greyhawk’s lower class; not so desperate as the Rookery or Shade

Clerksburg — Government center, full of bureaucrats, clerks, administrators, and scribes

Craft Ward — Home to Greyhawk’s artisans and industries

The Gardens — A district of parks and lavish mansions, home to the elite

The Heights — Home to Greyhawk’s middle and upper class

Longtrade — A Commercial district on a main road; stores, markets, bazaars, etc.

Riverside — Trade district with many taverns, gambling dens, brothels, etc.

The Rookery — Greyhawk’s worst slum; disease ridden and hopeless

Shade — A district controlled by criminals; home to thieves, assassins, and harlots

The Wharves — Greyhawk’s main port, filled with warehouses and shipbuilders

Greyhawk City

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