A village of 900 souls, lying in a beautiful meadow about 4-5 miles northwest of Greyhawk City. Residents include peasants, outlaws, woodsmen, and the occasional Freebooter. The people here address each other as “Grafling.”

Nearmarsh has only two buildings of note:

Inn of the Brothers One and Score: A country inn located just off the road before you reach town. There is a single windowless common room, with a handful of shoddy tables and a straw-covered dirt floor. The barkeep is a toothless old drunk named Hap. Services include:

Lodging — 2sp/night
Meal — 3cp
Drink — 2cp
Stabling (w/feed) — 1sp/night

Church of the Sacred Hearth: A humble church found in the village square. Every Godsday at noon, the faithful gather here to worship the village’s patron goddess, Berei. The priestess is a cheerful round woman, called Sister Avalondria. She enthusiastically describes Berei’s domains as family, community, and agriculture. The blessings of Berei are available for a suitable donation:

Cure Serious Wounds — 500gp
Cure Disease — 300gp
Cure Light Wounds — 50gp
Dispel Magic — 300gp
Remove Curse — 300gp


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