This shadowy group has ruled Greyhawk City since Zagyg’s disappearance. They are neither elected nor appointed, but elevated to the position by current members. The identity and number of the Oligarchs is not widely known, though there are a few notable exceptions. Known Oligarchs include:

Elizar Perryn — Count Greyhawk and Lord Mayor of Greyhawk City. Nominally the most powerful man in Greyhawk City, Elizar Perryn has held his position for the last 18 years. Perryn is charming and likable, and he is a skilled head of state and diplomat. Many believe that the mild mannered Perryn is the client of even more powerful patrons, who desire to remain unnamed.

Memnoch — High Chancellor of the Council of Lords and Herald of the Court. A homunculus fashioned by Zagyg, Memnoch has been a trusted servant of the Oligarchs ever since the archmage’s disappearance. Memnoch is said to have superhuman intelligence and perfect memory. It is rumored that Memnoch also serves as the Oligarch’s spymaster in addition to his other duties.

Drumo Fulstan — Captain-General of the Watch and Constable of Greyhawk City. Moody, obsessive, and ambitious, Lord Fulstan is the thoroughly corrupt commander of the city’s police. Fulstan seems to loathe the duties of his position, and when he is forced to uphold the law, he does so with as much violence as possible. Fulstan is greatly feared due to his heavy handed methods and the horrific oubliettes below his fortress the Bastion.

Nassaril Rackmar — Grand Marshal of the Army and Baron of Amian. A ruthless and humorless man, Lord Rackmar has meticulously crafted an image as a war hero, making him popular with the commoners. Rackmar is one of the most powerful Oligarchs, though his interests are primarily outside Greyhawk City. In his capacity of Grand Marshal, Lord Rackmar would command the Army of Greyhawk in the event of a war.


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